Jul 17, 2009

Mom 2.0 - still with a skillet and rubber gloves

Mom 2.0: She blogs, she tweets, she rises up! And an image of a multi-arm woman juggling everything at once (via Viva la Feminista, Blogging moms make cover of Ms). Why do I find this extremely offensive?

First, I don't like this sort of metonymy, i.e., an aspect of a person being viewed as his/her whole identity. "Mom" cannot describe a person. These people are much more than "moms" even if they decided to call themselves as such.

Second, blogging and tweeting is not a special achievement. It's a modern way of communication. So being proud that moms can blog and tweet is like being proud they can read and write. Oh, she can even talk!

Third, what is up with this juggling? It adds some craziness to the image of a mother. Most people do a lot of things in their lives, but are not portrayed as crazy jugglers who barely manage to keep everything under control. Why be so condescending toward moms? And those items she juggles - a pacifier, a skillet, rubber gloves.

This is not what womanhood and motherhood are about.

And finally, the idea of moms rising. It's a good idea, but to me it implies that by default women don't have a voice and that they need some kind of action to get heard and taken into account. I guess I consider myself risen enough, because I don't need my mothering identity to voice my opinions and concerns. The only value in that is if nobody else cares about issues important to mothers. Which partially may be true.

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