Oct 22, 2009

Eight P's of information architecture

Thom Haller in the ASIST Bulletin IA Column ( October/November 2009):
1. Performance – What do users need or want to do in this information space? How do we measure successful performance?
2. Perspective – What is our focus? Are we focusing on who’s using the communication product, what they want from the product and their context?
3. Product – What technological choices best suit the needs of the users of this information?
4. Presentation – How can we visually structure information so people can accomplish what they want to accomplish (without becoming thwarted)?
5. People – Who is involved in this endeavor? Who will provide content and expertise? How do we build beneficial relationships?
6. Politics – How do conceptual barriers and organizational context keep us from meeting the needs of the site’s users?
7. Process – What is the framework we follow to develop this communication product?
8. Possibility – What are the ways we can respect and help users, while maintaining our focus on a site/product’s mission?

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  1. 9 P's? Paperwork - what are we recording for the next person who comes along. Who will be the next person and what do they need to know?