May 7, 2011

My "Taming the butterfly" speech

This week I'm participating in the "Taming the butterfly" game. It's a community-wide game organized by folks from SociaLens, a Bloomington start-up that promotes digital fluency.

The goal of the game is to "tame the butterfly", which wing flaps will affect our future, by proposing a vision of the future and a plan to realize this vision. Participants get some training in digital tools, communicate in small groups, solve puzzles, etc. At the end each group will present their vision in the Ignite format.

My role in this game is to be an expert in the area of mindset, which includes ethics, culture and expression of self. To stimulate participants thoughts on these issues, I wrote a short speech and delivered it via video at the opening session of the game. I'm re-posting my speech here on a separate page TTB speech.

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