Mar 3, 2016

Predatory journal invitation

A few days ago I received an invitation to join an editorial board of a journal:

Dear Dr. Inna Kouper,
Wishes from The Scientific Pages!
We are glad to announce the successful launch of The Scientific Pages of Information Science. It is my great pleasure inviting you to join our editorial board.
You have been invited because of your contribution and recognized works in this field. Upon acceptance, we request you to send your recent photograph, CV, short biography and research interests. The details are requested in order to create your profile page in our journal.
Of course, the grammar and style of the invitation were so off, there was no doubt that this is some kind of predatory publishing. Nevertheless, I did some searching, and here is the result:
"New Open-Access Publisher Launches with 65 Unneeded Journals"
The publisher is currently spamming for editorial board members ...
At least this one was easy to spot. What if they get better and become harder to differentiate?

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