Sep 2, 2016

Workshop: Data Quality in Era of Big Data

The center where I work organizes a workshop of possible interest to many who work with data. Scholarships are available.

Data Quality in Era of Big Data
Bloomington, Indiana
28-29 September 2016

Throughout the history of modern scholarship, the exchange of scholarly data was undertaken through personal interactions among scholars or through highly curated data archives. In either case, implicit or explicit provenance mechanisms gave a relatively high degree of insurance of the quality of the data. However, the ubiquity of the web and mobile digital culture has produced disruptive new forms of data. We need to ask ourselves what we know about the data and what we can trust. Failure to answer these questions endangers the integrity of the science produced from these data.

The workshop will examine questions of quality:
·        Citizen science data
·        Health records
·        Integrity
·        Completeness; boundary conditions
·        Instrument quality
·        Data trustworthiness
·        Data provenance
·        Trust in data publishing

The 2 day workshop begins with a half day of tutorials.  The main workshop begins early afternoon on 28 September and continuing to noon on the 29 September.  With sufficient interest, there may be another training session following noon conclusion of the main workshop on 29 September.

Early Career Travel Funds:
Travel funds are available for early career researchers, scholars, and practitioners

Important Dates:
·        Workshop:  Sep 28-29, 2016
·        Deadline for requesting early career travel funds:  Sep 9, 2016 midnight EDT
·        Notification of travel funding:  Sep 13, 2016
·        Registration deadline:  Sep 19, 2016
Organizing Committee:
General Chairs:  Beth Plale, Indiana University

Program Committee
Carl Lagoze, University of Michigan, chair
Devan Donaldson, Indiana University
H.V. Jagadish, University of Michigan
Xiaozhong Liu, Indiana University
Jill Minor, Indiana University
Val Pentchev, Indiana University
Hridesh Rajan, Iowa State University

Early Career Chairs
Devan Donaldson, Indiana University 
Xiaozhong Liu, Indiana University

Local Arrangements Chair
Jill Minor, Indiana University

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