Mar 31, 2011

Russian Posters Collection, 1919-1989, at Duke University Libraries

A new digital collection at Duke University libraries called the "Russian Posters Collection, 1919-1989". Some of them can be understood without words, a lot of them require knowledge of Russian for full appreciation.

Like this one:

Крестьянка! Будь готова уйти от старой жизни к новой (rpcps01002) - Peasant woman! Be ready to start a new life.

On the sides, where the poster pictures the old lifestyle, it says: "Treat illness and evil eye with holy water", "Beat your wife, or you won't be dear to her", "Punish your children and they will help you when you're old", "Woman's path is from stove to threshold". In the middle where the pictures of new lifestyle say: "Follow Lenin's precepts", "Work and learn to read and write", "To make your children happy and healthy, put them into daycare". And my favorite - "Soviet rule is the first rule that gave women full equality". I guess now under new post-Soviet capitalist rule of the 90s and 00s we lost it again...

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